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So I just spent hours on this and i’m positive a TON of it is wrong, but I tried REALLY hard to get the grammar right. I’m a noob, but at least it helped me learn some words and get used to the language. So it wasn’t a direct word-for-word translation, I actually tried to get the whole verb-object-subject and future and past tense stuff right… I hope at least some of it is right haha.

I PRESENT: The beginning section to the song: 21:13, by Coheed and Cambria IN VULCAN!

Svi’etek yuk, nam-tor weh-nash-yuk eshu’a, eit’jae dungi-ish-veh u’tan’es t’du.

Rok-tor nash-veh fa-wak sarlah, svi’k’torr ashaya. Dungi-kwul ko-heh eh dungi-puk ko-heh na’mu-yor.

Boshau dang-au svi’glan t’sa-veh. Dungi-fundik nash-veh na’mu-yor s’ek’au, shaht t’ek’etek.

Sanu ko-mekh, dungi-sarlah ah na’nash-veh. Sanu, ko-mekh, sahr heh klachek t’du svep. Dungi-sarlah ah na’nash-veh.

Lu telv-tor wak-vel dah-leh-wuh. Dungipehkaya ek’ar’kadan heh dungi-vas-tor solektra.


in our sleep there’s more to this nightmare
will she beg for your mercy
slowly but sure, i’m hoping what comes and in the absence of love
at night she’ll kick and she’ll fight should they fill in his sight
at night, i’ll worry from all, the end of us all

please mom, they’re coming for me
please mom, run lock your door
they’re coming for me

when the clock reads 21:13
all work will stop
and the ground will relieve

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#this took forever #most of it is prolly wrong #but idc #practice maaan #vuhlkansu #vulcan #star trek #nerd #coheed and cambria #2113
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