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So I thought i’d open this with people… 

as if they already didn’t know

I’m learning Vulcan, and for those who want to learn with me, brush up on their skills, start from scratch, or even teach ME, feel free to just up and start a conversation.

I can provide the links you need to the dictionary and the lessons. It’s fairly easy to grasp, and the way i’m actually learning is just to dive in and talk to people. It takes a while to decipher, but after time, many words and such becomes familiar! I already know a bun of words and grammar in vulcan and i’ve only been talking to people for TWO DAYS!

SO, either message me, or open a public post for anyone to reply in, or whateves. :)

Sochya Eh Dif

March 01st 2013 1 note
#vulcan #star trek #vuhlkansu #i need practice buddiessssss #i reply pretty quick because of my lack of life
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